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velux loft conversions

One of the many ways you can make your home more functional is through a Velux loft conversion. It has many advantages including the fact that you can transform your loft into a valuable space. There are other loft conversion forms but amongst them all, Velux is considerably budget-friendly. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive loft remodeling, then a Velux loft conversion will suit your needs. Velux loft conversion in London are very popular among many residences. The idea behind it is to brighten up your home and have extra room for multipurpose reasons. Nevertheless, before you can consider Velux loft conversion, you should be well-aware of what it is all about. And, the necessary requirements for this particular type of loft conversion.

What does Velux loft conversion entail?

Velux loft conversion entails transforming your loft area using Velux windows. It is also referred to as the skylight loft conversion. This is because of the use skylights that fill the gap between the roof line and the flush. So, in short, the Velux loft conversion is all about installation of the Velux windows or skylights. The Velux windows are fitted from the base of the loft and it runs through to the roof. Regardless of the slope of the roof, there is a skylight window to perfectly fit in. The attic is one area that does not have much use. Depending on its size and with loft conversion ideas in play, you can transform your attic into a usable place. Extra room around the house is always convenient and you can turn it into anything you like. For smaller lofts though, not much of the space can be put into use. But, you can enjoy a well-lit and ventilated space. With your reliable Velux conversions expert, you can turn your attic into something you’ve been dreaming about.

Is your Velux loft type conversion suitable for home?

There are plenty of things you should put into considerations when you are planning for the Velux loft conversion. First of all, you need to have your home inspected. As much as this loft conversion idea is brilliant, not all homes are suitable for the transformation. Some of the building structure factors that may affect your home suitability for Velux loft conversion are; the ceiling height, access to the loft, and roof structure as well as space. Before burying yourself deep with preparations for the conversion, ask for advice from a Velux loft expert. They have experience over homes they have already installed the Velux windows. Furthermore, they are well aware of the qualifications of a home for Velux loft type conversion.

How spacious is your loft? If you have a large loft space, then why not consider Velux windows. Provided your home has a spacious loft it you can modify it into a playroom, bedroom or a valuable space. The idea is to add light into a valuable space. Since you have the space, you can contact the loft conversion agency for work to commence.

Does your home have enough headroom? For residential homes in London, some have smaller headroom’s that others. For those with small headroom, it is not advisable to implement Velux loft conversion. However, if you have a huge headroom, then Velux window installation would be ideal for your home. The more the headroom, the wider the options for you with Velux loft conversion. Nevertheless, space is key.

Is planning permission required?

One thing that lingers in most minds of home owners looking into Velux loft conversion is about planning permission. Well, there is some good news considering that it is not necessary. That is provisional though. So why don’t you need planning permission? For one, if there are no external modifications to your home, then planning permissions are expelled. Secondly, there are no adjustments being made to your roof or even the inside of your loft. As long as there is no visible extension beyond the roof line, then planning permission is not required. The aim of Velux loft conversion is installing the windows to add more light into the attic.

Other than that, there is nothing additional. The Velux loft conversion experts work with the space of your loft and add the right skylights to measure up to the height and width. While there are no major changes to your home, the only new thing will be the windows. From an exterior view, your home looks the same only with Velux windows. The loft conversion procedures, however, need to be done according to the local planning and building regulations


The main advantages of a loft conversion include

  • Turn your loft into a valuable and livable space. With loft conversion, once the installation of the Velux windows is complete, you can transform the loft into a playroom, study room, or guest area.
  • Well-sunlit attic and ventilated: with skylights installed, the windows let in light. Nevertheless, you can make use of them and allow fresh air into the loft.
  • No planning permission required: as mentioned above, planning permissions are not needed since there are no major adjustments that require permission.
  • Do away with moving out plans: instead of moving out, make space for the little extra room you are looking for.
  • Cost-effective: compared to other loft conversion ideas, the Velux loft conversion is cheapest to implement.

Most London residential owners are embracing new ways of adding space in their homes. With Velux Loft conversion in London becoming so common it is one of the ways to turn your loft into a bright functional place. Not much is required considering there are no building structures being interfered with. Nevertheless, there is no need to move out and instead you will be adding value to your home.